domenica 29 giugno 2014

Last night in America

Allora alcuni dei miei amici qui mi hanno chiesto di scrivere qualcosa in inglese per cui lo farò ora ahah!
So guys here we are, this is my very last night in the US. I couldn't be happier than this, seriously. This was by far the best year of my life, but it was also the worst. It was so hard to get used to the culture here and the way you live life. It was hard to be away from my family and my friends, but now I have another family and great friends. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the last 10 months of my life! I got to stay with an awesome family that made me feel at home all the time, treating me as their own daughter and I got to meet so many people that included me in their friends group as I've always lived here.
I still can't belive this is over, I still can remember when I had 300 days left and now they are all gone. I literally wonder where time went! I feel like it was yesterday when I was on that plane that brought me here or when I started school, or when I started track. And now it's all over. I guess I only have to be thankful for the amazing friends I met here and for the fact that I can say that I found myself, a second family and best friends I know I can always rely on.
I changed a lot over this year, I feel more responsible and mature and this experience made me grow a lot.
I really don't know what to say, I'm so happy I have so many memories with incredible people and I will never forget any of you.
Thank you for making this year a blast, come visit me in Italy asap and don't forget about the Italian Stallion ahah!

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  1. Ehi ma perchè a metà soggiorno hai cambiato la stanza? Che problemi ci sono stati con Chloe? Comunque complimenti, leggere quelllo che scrivi è stato come averlo vissuto con te.. Continua a scrivere <3